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Date ideas for a relationship


Ideas for a first date, or at least one of the first, are often written about. It’s all mainly focused on getting to know each other on those first few dates. So if you’ve been in a relationship for a while but still enjoy taking each other on dates, you may not be in the mood for first date ideas. If all goes well, you already know each other quite well. Sometimes you just want to treat your partner to a romantic getaway, or maybe that spark you had is missing a bit. You then want a new experience to share with each other. So here are a few ideas for dates and trips with your current partner!

Have an old fashioned sleepover

If for whatever reason you can’t leave the house, or want to go on a date, then there is nothing to fear. You can organize a sleepover with your partner. Create a cozy, romantic setting for the bedroom, for example by making an old-fashioned fortress out of blankets. Yes, that is still possible, even if you are no longer a child! Make some snacks together for the evening when you go to watch movies. The advantage of being a bit older is that you can also drink a glass to maybe make the atmosphere a little better. Who knows what good conversations and other activities such a night will bring!

Go away for a long weekend more often

Unfortunately, you probably don’t have the opportunity to go on an exuberant holiday a few times a year. Instead, you can go away for a long weekend several times a year. There are a number of days off that fall around the weekend anyway, and it doesn’t cost as many days off if you have to use them. From Thursday evening to Monday afternoon you will only have two days off and it will feel like a mini vacation. There are countless hotels and Bed and Breakfasts that know how to organize a romantic weekend.

Go on a road trip!

Well, in the Netherlands it is not equally interesting for everyone to drive around. However, you can easily get quite far in a few days. It can be very cozy and intimate for many people to sit together in a car for several days. You must be able to sense whether you are receptive to this, because with the wrong energy it can also lead to an argument.

Always the holiday feeling in your own home


Dreaming away at your favorite holiday country, who doesn’t do this every now and then? We all have a country that we have very fond memories of. An Ibiza interior that reminds you of the warm beach, or the Moroccan interior that reminds you of the delicious food? How nice would it be if you could also apply that holiday feeling in your interior! Suppose you had a nice holiday in Ibiza, then bring that Ibiza feeling inside. We travel through a few holiday countries and give tips to apply these countries in your interior. From a Moroccan pillow to vintage rugs.

Ibiza interior

When you think of Ibiza, you quickly think of sunlight, freedom, greenery and nature. But how do you include this in your interior? Start with a light base, both on the walls and the floor. In Ibiza you often see that the houses are white, this is of course for the warmth. But white also radiates tranquility in the interior. You can also work the walls with clay plaster or paint. This is also widely used in houses in Ibiza. This not only looks beautiful, but is also good for perfect climate control.

The ceilings are often made of wood, with beautiful wooden beams in sight. But this is of course not often the case with Dutch houses. Would you like such a ceiling in your home? Then think of a roof where you can apply this. Because bringing Ibiza outside is of course also a cool option!


The furniture that you can use to get the Ibiza feeling is often made of natural materials. A large rattan chair, or (light) wooden tables and a fabric sofa are good items that should not be missing. Don’t have a fabric sofa? Then cover it with a nice (white) cloth.


It may all feel a bit rich! We do this by adding many home accessories. Beautiful rattan baskets on the wall or in the cupboard, lots of cushions on the sofa, beautiful mood lights. The colors that are often used in the accessories are white, beige, nude, gold, brown and black.

In addition, lighting is also important. Think rattan lamps, or a lamp with a stone base and fabric lampshade. Also, no plants should be missing. For the Ibiza feeling we go for beautiful large plants. Think of a fan palm or a kentia palm. Put it in a nice big basket or pot to finish it off.

Moroccan interior

Morocco is also such a great holiday destination. If you are fond of interior design, this is a country you must have visited. Think of the beautiful shops and markets with all kinds of Moroccan accessories, bags, rugs, etc.

The Moroccan style is mainly expressed in many colors and details.


A large (wooden) sofa should not be missing in the living room. These are often covered with a beautiful fabric. To create even more seating space, add a few poufs. The original Moroccan pouf is made of leather and available in different colours.


Light is important for the Moroccan atmosphere. We probably know them… those typical lanterns and (hanging) lamps with holes. These provide that romantic atmosphere! Hang several together for the most atmospheric effect.

A floor rug cannot be missed on the floor, go for the original woolen rugs. But is this just a bit above the budget? There are also many replicas for sale. In addition to a woolen rug, you can also go for a jute variant.

There should be a lot of cushions on the couch, go for that Moroccan atmosphere with kilim cushions. If you want to create extra seating, purchase a large kilim and place it on the floor. Bet that this spot will be taken immediately?

You can arrange tickets for Turkey from the comfort of your home!


Would you like to go on holiday? Then Turkey is really a must. Especially now that, as of March 2, you no longer need a tourist visa. That saves a lot of hassle! You can of course book an (expensive) trip at a travel agency. But you can just as well arrange tickets to Turkey yourself. The accommodation is also no problem. The various accommodations, from hotels to resorts and apartments, can be booked separately. It may seem that you are more expensive, but that is certainly not the case. For less than € 100.00 you have a return ticket to Turkey and you can of course make the accommodation as expensive as you want.

Book your Turkey tickets easily online

Just sit down and have your flight booked in a few minutes. Very simple and not expensive! What you should pay attention to is that you fly to the correct airport in Turkey. There are quite a few there. So do you book your accommodation first? Then inquire well which airport is closest to you. Do you book your Turkey tickets first? Then you will see which accommodations are (reasonably) nearby. Of course you can also book tickets to Turkey and then make a tour through Turkey. By car or by public transport. Everything is possible, it’s just what you want!

Are you flying from Amsterdam or Eindhoven?

You can book Turkey tickets for flights from Amsterdam or Eindhoven. You can also opt for flights from German or Belgian airports. It’s just what is most convenient for you. You can also let your choice depend on the flight times and possible stopovers. All this information can be found clearly and conveniently on the website. So this is really very useful! The prices per ticket are also clearly indicated. So you know exactly where you stand. And that’s so nice!

Visiting family to Turkey?

Previously you probably went with your whole family in the car to make that long (long!) journey. Now you take the plane for little money and you are there in a fraction of the time. You then have more time to enjoy your family and to really relax. You also no longer need to take six weeks off during the summer holidays, you now have a few weeks, including the trip, to have a nice chat with the whole family.

A houseplant for you


Are you at home and do you sometimes think, could you add some greenery? Then Wout.com has the plant for you. At Wout you can buy the perfect house plants that give your room that extra touch. They have a very wide range of house plants so that you too can choose a green friend that belongs to you. But if you are looking for a little greenery that makes your office even cozier, you can also contact Wout! They have the ideal office plants so that you can enjoy a nice plant at work. In addition, Wout’s office plants are also used to how things work in an office. So you don’t have to worry about that.

For your home

Of course everyone wants a few plants in their home. You really can’t live without it. But you do have to take into account what kind of houseplant you want. If you want to buy a green friend for the living room, you first have to decide where you want to put it. If you are looking for a nice plant for the window, you should see if it can withstand a lot of sunlight. If your green friend does not like to sit in the sun, he can get sick and discolour. After all, you want to enjoy your houseplant for as long as possible. But are you looking for companionship in the bedroom? Then you don’t have to look any further! At Wout they also have the ideal plants that are by your side at night. These green friends prefer dark places. So if you have a place where the sun doesn’t shine much, you can buy house plants that are tailored to that.

At work

If you work in the office, it is also nice to have a green friend nearby. After all, it gives extra color and makes work even more fun. And the great thing about the office plants they sell at Wout is that you know for sure that they can take a beating. In the office, the plants are probably less well cared for than if they were at home. This does not have to be a problem, take Wout de boom for example. This green giant only needs 3 times water. And not three times a month, no, three times a year! So you don’t have to worry about whether or not he has had water. This is because Wout stores its nutrients in its trunk. Furthermore, Wout.com has many more office plants that are all used to little water so that they will not decay quickly.

Take an electric bike


If you’ve been cycling all your life, you know how much fun cycling can be. It is not for nothing that many Dutch people cycle to school or work every day, but also cycle for fun in their free time. When it is a sunny, windless day in the summer, there is nothing better than cycling through the fresh air for half an hour. But every Dutch person knows that cycling is not always fun. In the autumn and winter months, the weather in our small country is not always good and then cycling suddenly becomes a lot less fun. Strong winds are especially irritating. It will keep you cycling twice as long and you will probably arrive at your destination all sweaty and tired. A possible solution is to buy an electric bicycle. In this article we discuss the advantages of an electric bicycle.

The future

The electric bicycle has become increasingly popular in recent years. Just like the rise of the electric car, the electric bicycle was developed from the idea of ​​developing more environmentally conscious transport. But, you may wonder, what could be more environmentally conscious than a normal bicycle. This is of course true, but many people who no longer want to cycle often switch to a moped or scooter. And these means of transport are of course a lot less environmentally friendly. The electric bicycle is a fantastic replacement for a scooter or moped and finds a middle ground.

Cycling with assistance

E-bikes can drive the bicycle completely themselves and reach quite high speeds, up to 40 kilometers per hour. But in addition, most electric bicycles also have bicycles with ‘assist’. This means that you still pedal yourself, but the electric motor in the bicycle gives you a boost. This way you will cycle a lot easier and it is ideal for situations such as hills or windy days. This way you arrive at your destination a lot less sweaty and tired. And if the weather is nice, you can cycle normally with the same bike without the battery on.


E-bikes can also be used outside an urban situation and can cover quite long distances. Of course they can’t go on the highway but for medium distances you can leave the car and take the e-bike instead. This will also save you a lot of money when it comes to the cost of a car such as fuel.

The Rise of the Epoxy Floor


Around 1960, the industrial sector had to deal with a new floor for warehouses and factory buildings, which was easier to keep clean and could bear the heavy weights of products and machines without damaging them. Three layers of, among other things, the plastics polymer and polyurethane are poured over each other to form the so-called epoxy floor. This epoxy floor can last up to 30 years and therefore offers a sustainable solution for companies in the long term. Where other surfaces quickly become stained, scratched or damaged, an epoxy floor is resistant to various external influences.

Installing an epoxy floor

Epoxy floors consist of three layers and are also applied in three layers. The first layer is a scrape layer. This synthetic layer is used to level surfaces such as sand-cement screeds and concrete and ultimately to make it liquid-tight. This prevents moisture from getting between the epoxy floor and the substrate. After a few days to a week, this layer is dry and the second layer can be applied. A casting layer is applied, consisting of polyurethane and epoxy resin. The hue is also added to this layer. In this case, polyurethane is poured and then smoothed to an even floor. Polyurethane is also available as foam piece or spray foam. This layer must cure before the third layer can be added. Polyurethane is also used as a base for artificial leather, sports shoes and room insulation.

To finish the floor neatly, a third layer is applied: the top layer. This is a transparent layer in which polyurethane is processed, but also various oils and acids that must protect the floor. This is also the layer that protects the floor against UV rays and scratches. Together with a matte or glossy finish, the color of the epoxy floor is also determined in this third layer. After applying the third layer, it takes a few weeks before the floor can be used. Part of the process is that the floor forms an extra protective layer to keep the floor as damage-free as possible.

Maintaining an Epoxy Floor

An epoxy floor can last an average of 30 years if it is properly maintained. For example, the advice is to apply a new top layer every 8 to 10 years and not to use strong oils and chemicals when cleaning the floor. The use of strong oils and chemicals can cause the floor to appear dull and more susceptible to scratches and other damage. The top layer is therefore no longer damaged and no longer protects against stains. It is best to clean the floor with a vinegar solution or by simply sweeping and vacuuming. Water is no longer a problem after the drying period and can be used at any time to clean the floor.

3 investments you can make for yourself


Investing in yourself is worth a lot. Whether it is in the field of personal development or in the field of a certain skill. By investing in yourself you not only become more valuable, but you also gain more and more life experience. This ensures that you can always apply this again in different situations. When you invest in yourself, you ultimately hope that it will pay off. In this blog we give you 3 options to invest in yourself. Read on if you are interested in this and if you want to get the most out of yourself.

Investing in skills

Perhaps the most tangible is investing in certain skills. You can do this through training or a course. With a training/course you can easily teach yourself certain skills. Depending on what you are interested in, you can often find different courses online. For example, you can invest in a graphic design course. With this you brush up on your knowledge and you can easily expand and learn various new skills. This ensures that you always have enough skills to use during your work. In addition, you can of course also follow a course related to your hobby. Think, for example, of painting for beginners online. With this you can learn your painting hobby online.

Investing and investing

Investing in stocks is an indirect investment in yourself. You invest what should ultimately yield a certain return. Ultimately, with this return, you can retire earlier, for example, or you can spend the money on fun things. Investing can be done in different ways. Think, for example, of investing in stocks or investing in bonds. You can then make different types of investments for each component. For example, consider investing in growth stocks or ETFs. When you start investing, it is always important that you invest with money that you do not need. So do not invest with the money you use to live on. In addition, it is smart to invest without emotion. When you’re building a return, you don’t just want to take money off it.

Invest in relaxation

Relaxation is extremely important. Especially when you are busy with all sorts of things. It is therefore important to be able to relax at certain moments. When you do this, you also know that you will eventually have more energy for other things. Then it is important that you take enough time and space to really relax.

What is the best way to take out motor insurance?


Buying a motorcycle is already a major investment for many people. Of course you don’t want to pay unnecessary money for things you don’t need, especially if you just spent a lot of money. It is therefore very important to compare all possible insurers and insurance policies. This will save you a lot of money in the coming years.

Different ways of insuring

You can be insured with different insurers. The prices will differ, but the insurance policies themselves will be fairly similar. When looking for motorcycle insurance, you can usually choose from three different insurance policies. You have third-party insurance, third-party liability insurance and all-risk motor insurance. The prices of these insurance policies vary widely. This is because with a third-party liability insurance, for example, you are only insured for damage that you cause to third parties. This while with an all-risk insurance you are also insured for damage to your own vehicles and theft. So you can take out cheap motorcycle insurance, but this does not automatically mean that you will be cheaper in the coming years. By taking out more expensive insurance, you can save a lot of money in the event of an accident. Especially if you take a lot of risks in traffic and have built up few claim-free years, it is wise to insure your third-party liability + or all risk.

Linking your claim-free years

If you are going to take out insurance, it is wise to check whether the insurer allows you to link claim-free years. It is a lot cheaper to take out insurance if you can demonstrate that you are a smaller risk for the insurer. This way you will pay less for your insurance because of the trust the insurer has in you based on your history. However, this is not the case with many insurance policies and it is therefore smart to pay attention to this. You can save a lot of money this way.

Take advantage of your winter break

During the winter months, the road network is not so suitable for motorcycles. You can fall relatively easily with the motorcycle. This makes it very dangerous to go on the road with rain and temperatures approaching zero degrees. That is why with some insurers you can put your motorcycle insurance on pause during the winter months. In this way you do not pay a premium in the months that you do not drive your motorcycle. This way you can often save 10 to 15 percent of your annual premium. When taking out insurance, make sure that this is possible.

The best sds concrete drills


META DESCRIPTION: Choosing the right drill bit for the material you work with? That’s how you do it! Find out everything about sds concrete drills and of course about the hammer drill.

When you want to drill in concrete, you have to keep in mind that you can’t just drill with just any drill. There are special concrete drills that you can use to drill into this sturdy material. So always think carefully when you are going to buy a drill and buy the right one. For example, you can very well purchase sds concrete drills for a large job where you have to drill in concrete. These SDS concrete drills are very strong and can therefore also be used very well for drilling in concrete walls. If you are not entirely sure which drills to buy, it is advisable to ask for advice. This way you can be sure that you always use the right tools.

Good quality sds concrete drills

Of course it is always important that you choose good quality and if you have to drill a lot, it is therefore advisable to take a look at the right sds concrete drills. Drills from a good brand last much longer in practice and it is therefore always a good investment to buy these drills. It is also better to purchase a hammer drill from a leading brand. A sturdy hammer drill can also drill through concrete well. You always know that you can get a job done quickly and of course it is possible to get some advice beforehand about the different options. You will quickly hear what the possibilities are exactly.

Buy a hammer drill right away

Whether you choose a hammer drill or other SDS concrete drills, you always choose the best quality. Thanks to the 4-cutter system, you can be sure that your drill will last for a long time and that you can also easily perform various jobs. This system allows you to drill nice holes that are well round. This makes anchoring much better. You will see that whatever you use the drill for, the anchoring will always be much better than if you use a less good drill. So it is definitely worth choosing a better quality right away.

Make the purchases quickly

Buying the drills is very easy. You can order everything online. As a result, you will have the drills at home in no time, so you can get the job done without worry. You will also quickly earn back a slightly more expensive expenditure of a better drill. The fact is that a good drill lasts much longer and you will therefore enjoy it more.

Moving to the top floor of a flat


If you want to live in an apartment on a high floor, moving can be a very difficult task. Fortunately, there are several ways to make the move go more smoothly. A very good option is renting a removal lift in Amsterdam,

Moving without a removal lift

Using a moving lift is easy, but of course you don’t have to. You can also move to the top floors of a flat without a moving lift. First you need to measure the passages of the apartment building. This way you find out whether it is even possible to move without an elevator.

moving company

Doing all this on your own without a moving lift is incredibly difficult. After a day of lugging you can suffer from physical complaints such as back pain. The employees of a moving company are experienced, so they will be able to do this easily and quickly for you. This way you can deal with other matters regarding the move, while the moving company brings your furniture to your new home.

Renting a moving lift is usually the best option

The easiest way to move to a higher floor is to rent a moving lift. This can be done in different cities, for example you can rent a removal lift in The Hague, but also in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht.

Make it easy on yourself. When you move, you already have a lot on your mind, so it is nice if the stress of lugging the furniture is prevented. This makes moving very efficient. So pack your things and use a moving lift to overcome the height.

Plan a move well

If you are going to move, it is very important that you ensure proper planning. Take a few days to do this and prevent it from becoming a stressful day. When moving house, it is highly recommended, among other things, to bring in a number of strong friends or family members. Incidentally, it is also very nice if your auxiliary troops have a positive attitude. This makes the move much more fun.

Another reason why you should plan a move well is because you know what you need well in advance. Make sure you have the items at home well in time and let the move go smoothly. Make careful considerations between buying and renting materials. In many cases it is also possible to rent the equipment. This prevents you from buying something that you hardly use later.